Pizza Block

Over the past few weeks we have been working on designing a workshop which can be used to introduce people to Blockchain identity management systems (IMS). We call it Pizza Block!

Participants in the workshop spend the majority of their time collecting fictional skills which allow them to help solve Edinburgh’s lack of pizza. As players acquire skills, they are able to complete tasks for three different social enterprises who all work towards Edinburgh’s lack of pizza in three different ways.

  1. One More Slice - who focus on producing the perfect crust and best cooked pizza.
  2. Pizza First - who seek a sustainable future for pizza lovers and focus on sourcing the best and most ethical ingredients.
  3. Everyone Loves Pizza - who focus on being able to produce and deliver high volumes of pizza to as many people who need it.

The social enterprises are scored on their ability to find volunteers who can complete tasks at varying levels of difficulty.

Our real motivation is to use Pizza Block as a metaphor, introducing participants to digital blockchain identity management systems by producing a number of physical artefacts which relate back to components of digital blockchain identity management systems:

  1. A personal ledger, unique to each volunteer which shows the order in which they learnt skills and completed jobs. This could be simply seen as a volunteering CV.
  2. A public ledger which both volunteers and social enterprises can check if there is any question over the volunteers claimed skills.
  3. The social enterprises have a record of completed jobs with a snapshot of the skills of the volunteer who completed each job.

These physical artefacts provide starting points for conversations revolving around how blockchain IMS could be used in the future.

Pizza Block
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