New Value Transactions

Oxchain is researching retail futures which place Oxfam shops at the centre of a range of local and global value transactions.

We are designing a range of potential applications of blockchain in the trade of second-hand goods, which incorporate new ways to place Oxfam shops, customers and supporters at the centre of a range of local and global value transactions.

Might shoppers pay or donate to particular causes or appeals, related to the items they purchased? For example, supporting better working conditions in factories which produced the clothes they are buying?

What if shoppers and donors could give to Oxfam shops in new ways: promoting Oxfam shops and goods; supporting logistics; creating new spaces to sell second hand goods; or attracting further donations? What might this change about Oxfam’s current value proposition to its UK donors, and how might to start to present development differently?

The research approach includes ethnographic and design-led work to understands shoppers’ and volunteers’ values, and to design prototypes for stores which present new ways of engaging with an Oxfam shop. The technical team will investigate developing prototypes based on blockchain to demonstrates these design concepts.

This involves engaging closely with the Oxfam stores and their local area, and seeks to reimagine the relationships between shoppers, donors and volunteers.