Seismic Seesaw at Bailey Gifford, RBS and Social Value Portal Conferences

We were lucky enough to be able to exhibit Seismic Seesaw at three corporate innovation events over the summer. They were the Baillie Gifford Innovation Fair, Social Value Portal conference and RBS disrupt. We used these events to test different wording on the See Saw, to let us experiment with how quickly people understood the concept and to get as much feedback on it as we could.

Over the course of the three events we were adjusting the wording to try and stop the See-Saw feeling like a charity gambling device.

It was well received at all three events, and the next steps which have come from are experiences are:
To reach out to charities which use a simple metric for their activity. This for instance could be the RNLI who publish how many rescues they are called out on.
To use the See Saw as a research object where people are able to write and control their own contracts through the device.

We had some great feedback across the 3 events, if anyone has any more then let us know.