Global Goals Jam 15-17 September 2017

Global Goals Jam

Kate Symons and Lynn Wilson (advisor to the OxChain project) hosted a challenge to designers and development practitioners at Edinburgh's Global Challenges Jam, held in the University of Edinburgh's Informatics Forum over 16–17 September. The Jam is an exciting global event where teams in over 30 countries design  practical, actionable interventions to help achieve the Global Goals. Participants spent the weekend developing, designing and testing prototype solutions to challenges in the following areas: poverty, hunger, health, education and sustainable cities and communities, using data, design and user-centred methods.

The OxChain challenge asked participants: How can we design a solution which uses digital technologies (especially Blockchain and smart contracting) to promote more responsible consumption and production, particularly in relation to the global trade in second-hand clothes?

See what the teams developed!

Global Goals Jam 2017